Brownie Promise and Law Madlibs

In a mad dash I needed to change our socially-distanced, outdoor, in-person meeting to a Zoom one. While waiting in the pick-up line at my daughter’s school, I quickly wrote this simple little MadLib. The girls were in hysterics when we finished (and I’ll give you a picture, so you can see why!).

(The capital letters are the words the girls supplied)

It’s nothing new that Madlibs are popular among all branches of Guiding (including Link and Trefoil!!). I’d not seen a Brownie one before, so I’ll share it with you for your own units!

I used this for the 2nd meeting of the year, when new Brownies are still learning the law and their promise. We first went over the promise, law and all their parts and meanings. Talked a lot about taking promises seriously. The 2nd year girls shared their thoughts and ideas about the promise and the ways in which they demonstrated their commitment to the promise made.

It’s rather solemn business for a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds! While I emphasized the importance of integrity when it comes to promises, it was a nice silly break to enjoy this promise and law madlib. We then followed up with the Brownie Promise Kahoot! and then a fun game of with words relating to Guiding.

Here is the download, and don’t forget to check out my more robust article on Promises and Laws which includes even more fun resources!

Learning the Law and Promise

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