Brownie Meeting: Brownie Story, Promise & Law, Tweenie Record, Guiding Lights, Enrollment Prep

Date: Brownie Story/Promise and Law/Guiding Light/Enrollment Planning

Activity DescriptionWho is leading it?Program to be coveredMaterials NeededTime needed
GatheringPromise/law Word Search/Code10 min
Opening-Brownie Song-Promise-What we are doing todayRainbow OwlSpirit of Guidingnone5 min
Activity 1Brownie Story & Discussion

Rainbow OwlOur Story-Stick Puppets-Brownie Story10 min
Activity 2
1st YearsBrownie Promise RelayRainbow OwlOur Story-Promise Scramble Cards (1 set per group)

15 min
2nd YearsBrownie Promise Adlib/Brownie Hand Craft SWAPTawny OwlOur StorySpirit of GuidingArt studioBrownie Promise Adlib
Activity 3
1st YearsBrownie Law BookletRainbow Owl-Our StoryBooklet

10 min
2nd YearsThe Brownie Law In ActionTawny Owl-Our Story-Art Studio-Brownie Law (1 copy per group)
Activity 4Brownie Law Skit

Rainbow Owl & Tawny Owl-Our Story-Art Studio-Brownie Law5-10 min
Activity 5Tweenie RecordRainbow Owl-our Story-SPirit of Guiding-Copy of Tweenie Record5-10 min
Activity 6
1st YearsEnrollment InvitationsRainbow Owl-Our Story-Spirit of Guiding-Items for invites

5-10 min
2nd YearsGuiding LightsTawny Owl-Spirit of Guiding-Art Studio-lanterns-stickers-electric tea lights
Closing-What’s up next week-Brownie Closing songRainbow Owl-Spirit of Guidingnone2 min

Brownie Promise Relay

  • Cut out the Promise Scramble Cards and make a deck
  • Shuffle each deck so the cards aren’t in order
  • As a group, talk about what it means to make a promise. Why might you make a promise?
  • Recite the Brownie Promise a few times together:

I promise to do my best,

To be true to myself,

my beliefs and Canada,

I will take action for a better world,

And respect the Brownie Law.

  • Make small groups and set up the relay race.
  • Place one set of Promise Scramble Cards for each group face down on one side of the room. Then, line up with your group on the other side of the room, facing your set of cards.
  • Ready, set, go! Send a girl from your group to go get the first card from your pile.
  • Once she’s back with her card, she high-fives the next girl in line, who goes to pick up the next card from the pile.
  • Keep taking turns until your group has all the cards from your pile.
  • As quickly as possible, arrange the cards so that they show the Brownie Promise in the right order.
  • Once the cards are in order, make the Brownie Sign and say the Brownie Promise with your group to finish the race!
  • What does it mean to do your best? Share a time you did your best.

Brownie Promise Adlib

Check it out here: Brownie Promise Adlib

Brownie Promise Hand SWAP

2nd year Brownies will follow the GF Platform activity to create a SWAP for the 1st year kids to help them learn their Promise. Use fun foam and sharpies instead of paper.

  • On a piece of paper, trace your hand with a pencil or marker.
  • Cut around the outline of the hand.
  • If you used your right hand to trace your left hand, flip the outline of the hand over so that it looks like your right hand, which is the hand you make the Guide Sign with.
  • Fold in your pinky finger and thumb so the thumb is holding down the pinky.
  • Tape your thumb over your pinky finger to hold it in place. Each finger left up is a part of the promise:
  • To be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada
  • Take action for a better world
  • Respect the Brownie Law
  • Decorate each one with ways that you can show that part of the Promise in your life. You can use pictures or words.
  • Practice saying the Promise using your paper hand as a reminder.

Brownie Law Booklet

Check out the booklet here: Brownie Law Booklet

The Brownie Law in Action

Loosely taken from the Brownie Law in Action activity on the GF Platform.  Have the Brownies form groups of 2-3 and perform a short, 30-60 second skit that demonstrates one of the components of the law.  They will perform these skits for the 1st years and they will guess which part of the law they are demonstrating with their skit.

Tweenie Record

Have the 1st years pair up with 2nd years and go over their tweenie records.  When they feel ready, they can approach an owl to sign off on their record.

Check out the Tweenie Record here: Tweenie Record

Guiding Lights

Lanterns made by the 2nd years for 1st years to use at their Enrollment Ceremony and for indoor campfires etc. We have used various lanterns from the Dollar Store over the years to complete this project and then I make up stickers from my cricut to put them on. Lots of amazing ideas on Pinterest!

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