DIY Pulk Sled, on the cheap

If you take your Pathfinders or Rangers out winter camping, you NEED this tutorial!

A pulk sled is one that is designed to carry your gear over snow. It should have tie down points and a rigid run line to the wearer. It should also be attachable to the body.

Many provincial parks have gear sleds, but they are cheap, often half broken and just as often not available. Your unit could easily make their own Pulk Sleds, one per girl for under $10/girl in materials.

This is the best tutorial I have seen by far for making a simple Pulk Sled on the cheap. Really great for beginners!!

We may not be able to actually go winter camping this year, but this would be a fun project to help let the girls know, “hey, this situation is not forever.”

Check it out:

DIY PULK SLED, cheap and easy!

If you’re ready to kick it up a notch, or looking for a more balanced, bigger more durable Pulk Sled for Guiders and Gear Haulers, check out these instructions from REI Gear:

REI Make your own Pulk Sled

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