Teaching Kids to Sew: 5 Important Things to Remember — Fun Crafts Kids

We used to teach sewing quite regularly in Brownies. There was even a badge for that! Now, we often consider it old fashioned to teach girls to sew. I consider it an important life skill, however! Not only will parents be happier when the kids can start sewing on their own badges, but its important to learn how to mend your clothes, tents, camping equipment, etc. I have also found that knowing how to sew can greatly improve the quality of your living space in those lean early-adult years and beyond. I no longer need to sew, but I quite enjoy it.

At any rate, teaching kids to sew can be frustrating, but it is well worth it! Check out these 5 tips to get your started! Then, check out some of my sewing posts!

This is article is in collaboration with the Yorkshire Fabric Shop Teaching Kids to Sew There’s no argument needed when we say that sewing is one of the best ways to spend your time with your children. Sewing teaches them to be more patient, after exerting effort and hard work, and see a breathtaking masterpiece.…

Teaching Kids to Sew: 5 Important Things to Remember — Fun Crafts Kids

Easy to Make Library Bag – DIY Sewing Tutorial

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Easy Mess Kit Pattern

Elastic Waist Skirt Pattern

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