The 2019/2020 Guiding Year Planner

Free Printable!

Hello Guiders! I know its the middle of summer and we are all busy doing all the summer things! I just got back from a fantastic month-long camping/road trip myself and I am feeling ENERGIZED! Because there are events we want to attend in September, my CO-Guider and I are going to get busy next week and discuss our plans for the first block of meetings (Block 1 = Sept through Dec).

BUT WAIT RAINBOW! What about Girls’ First? How are we supposed to start planning now if the girls are supposed to be doing all the planning? For Pathfinders and Rangers, you are more or less right, my friend! Aside from planning your very first meeting, the girls should be doing the lion’s share of planning.

Sparks, Brownies, and to some extent Guides need much more guidance and support in navigating the world of goal-setting! Our first many meetings are about learning what it means to be a Spark/Brownie/Guide, setting rules and expectations (I like to let the girls tell me that plan!), getting to know one another and learning about the interests and challenges the girls want to explore in their units.

This involves at least 5 or more meetings full of games and crafts that let the girls tell us what they want to do. Pretty much right up until enrollment is the amount of time girls of this age need to plan a successful year. If you’d like to know more about this method, you can head over to this article: How to let Sparks Plan their Girls First Year

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. These are the forms I use to plan out the year. I bring them to every Guider’s Meeting and every Unit Meeting. For me, they are essential! I think I originally got them from some dusty corner of the GGC website, but I’ve altered them a little for my own purposes.

Anyways, here you are, your FREE Guiding Year Planner Printable!

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