Can You Spot the Signs of Spring?

Spring is right around the corner! Help your Sparks, Brownies and Guides follow the signs of spring with a Spring Scavenger Hunt!

This is a great tool for a focused hike, though it is unlikely they will find all the signs on a single hike. But, it’s a great way to get them started. Then, they can take the list home and keep observing their environment as spring spreads across the landscape!

Another way to implement this activity is with discussion. Ask your girls what do they notice during spring? You can make your own list, or add to this one! I designed this list to include multiple senses, as well as community sights. It’s a good way to talk about nature and get younger girls thinking about animal and plant identification. For example, you might not see a woodpecker, but you might begin to hear the drum of him thundering away on a tree. Or, look up and you may see the woodpecker’s holes in the trees.

Pileated woodpecker cavities

Pileated woodpeckers make deep, rectangular cavities to access wood-boring insects within

I hope you enjoy this printable and activity! It’s a very simple spring-themed activity that you can turn into an entire meeting, or just send home with the girls (my Sparks love “homework” that they can bring back later and show me!). You can use it as a launching pad to a bigger discussion on nature and the cycle of the seasons, or just use it as a one-off activity. Whatever the case, enjoy!

Download it here:

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