Plan a Greener Unit Party!

We have a lot of parties in my Ember Unit. There’s our Welcome/Welcome Back Party, Sleepover Party, Dance Party, Birthday Party, Thinking Day Party, Advancement and Enrollment Parties, End of the Year Party, sometimes there are even MORE parties!!!

We encourage our youth to help lead and plan these parties, and consistently what our Embers have wanted is to have less environmental waste at our parties. Somethings we have done to Green up our parties: mess kits instead of disposable dishware, reusable decorations (I save as much as I can from my family’s parties, as well as previous Ember parties, and we crochet and use a lot of felt for banners and such).

Another big (but sort of sad) thing we have done is ban balloons. I have a small collection of balloons I use for science resources, and occasionally we will have one at a party to play games or something, but we no longer use them as a source of decorations.

Check out some more Green Ideas for your unit parties: The Green Party

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