Environmentally Friendly Gift Project

My family did away with wrapping paper years ago. I sewed up a variety of simple sacs in Holiday Patterns, enough to get us through all our family holidays throughout the year. We take old greeting cards and cut them out into name tags. So, we are always looking for new ways to practise environmentally friendly gift giving.

In addition, my Embers Unit has a long standing tradition of always doing crafts that involve some level of upcycling, and they are always keen to learn how to take care of the world around them. I love this idea for reusing old magazines. I’m especially excited to try it with all my old gardening and seed magazines!

What a fun project for Embers, Guides, and Pathfinders! They can make a bunch of these environmentally friendly bows for whenever their families need one!

Check out the instructions here: All The Trimmings

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