Learn To Make Your Own Gear

I don’t know why, but lately I have been OBSESSED with learning to make my own gear. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff I buy is waaaaay better, but there is something so satisfying about making your own stuff sacks, dry bags, and even backpacks!

This is something you can definitely do with your pathfinders or rangers. Bring out a few sewing machines, collect some ripstop or other hearty fabrics and start with one of the easily projects like a cinch bag.

You can even buy kits from RipStop by the Roll for only $10/kit! It comes with everything but the thread. They have very helpful videos as well:

DIY Accessory Kits

I also really love this site: MYOG

There you can get patterns for all sorts of adventure gear, and there are lots of tips and tutorials too! They even have an amazing pattern generator, so you can create custom stuff sacks etc for specific gear!

Learn to Make Your Own Gear (MYOG). DIY sewing patterns for backpacks, technical apparel, and outdoor adventurers.
— Read on learnmyog.com/

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