Make Your Own Music

Have you ever made one of these? I don’t know what these are actually called, but we’ve always called them “Clackers”. I guess, “rattle” is another one, but I worry the younger branches will then think them too babyish.

They are a fun hike + craft + make music activity, it can be you’re whole meeting!

It’s super simple to make.

You’ll need:

  • A forked branch (find one on your hike or nature walk through your community)
  • Some bottle caps with holes driven in the middle of them with a hammer and nail (older branches could do that themselves, with a little help)
  • Some wire, craft wire or picture frame wire to thread through the bottle caps and wind around either end of each fork of the branch
  • Ribbons, yarn, or things to decorate your clacker

Check out this post: Clacker Inspiration

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