Camping Structures

Ok, bear with me…this site is in Spanish, but the diagrams are so good, you won’t need to understand the instructions.

Camping structures are something I usually start teaching in Brownies. Nothing complicated; how to make a lean-to, how to make a teepee. Guides can start created actual structures for camp. Of course you wouldn’t want to build a giant Mesas de Comer for a 2 night sleepover in a campground, but it’s a fun and practical activity to construct some kind of a towel rack.

This site provides diagrams for many useful and easy-to-build camping structures. One year, if I ever get super keen camping PFs and Rangers, we are going to find a place to build the ultimate campsite using these structures!!!!

DIMENSIONES Y MEDIDAS Todos los elementos cotidianos tienen una medida o dimensión que responde a la función o finalidad para la cual fueron creados. Para poder medir necesitarás un metro de carpintero, pero puedes ayudarte conociendo previamente tus propias medidas, ya que cada parte del cuerpo tiene una y si las memorizas sabrás rápidamente la…
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