Would You Rather: For Brownies

We all know how kids, especially Brownie-aged kids, love to play Would you Rather. Put that phenomenon toward their Your Choice badge! This is a quick, active game in which they’ll move to the space that matches how they feel to get started on exploring what’s important to them. Find this activity on the platform here: Would You Rather?

For the online version, we do a little game: Would you Rather?:Brownies Edition. Throw the game up on your screen share and direct the brownies to open the game in another tab. I’ve found that cutting and pasting the invite into the chat section gets all the Brownies where they need to go.

I also have a Kahoot! Version. I’ve found my Brownies have a lot of difficulty with the Kahoot!s online though. Would You Rather: Brownie Edition Kahoot!

Go over each question in zoom on screen share and invite the brownies two or three at a time to share the reasoning for their answer. Remember to emphasize that there is no right or wrong answer here–its just about exploring their own interests.

Use this as one of your activities for their Your Choice Badge, and/or as part of the Explore Your Passion Instant Meeting.

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