Coding: Virtual Meetings

Last night’s virtual Brownie meeting was hosted by Ultimate Coders. They came across my FB page advertising free trial classes. So, I contacted them and asked if they’d like to give my Brownies a free trial class! They said yes!!

I included their website and literature on my emails announcing the meeting, as well as the follow up. The girls had an absolute blast.

The meeting was conducted over zoom, and once the girls got comfortable switching back and forth between zoom and scratch, it went really well.

My own Brownie was up early this morning practising her coding skills. It’s amazing how quickly they learn! She is now developing her own game, which she is super proud of (HellooOoOoOoo Maker Discovery Badge!)

I encourage you to check out your own local groups offering free trials of online classes! It’s great exposure for them, and it’s so enriching for the girls! These places usually offer programming for all age levels. It’s a really great way to get the girls started with coding. I learned a lot too!!

I plan to follow this meeting up with a special Rainbow Owl Summer Challenge in which the girls can choose use the skills they learned at this meeting and turn it into either the Maker or Experimenter Badge.

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