Brownie Badge Descriptions for Badge Presentations

Badge Presentation is an exciting time in Guiding! It’s a ceremony when we take the time to recognize the achievements of our girls. Each badge is a symbol of work done as our girls learn, explore, and participate in activities designed to not only be fun, but enriching as well. They acquire skills, discover talent, and take steps to change their world for the better!

As my Brownies recently pointed out during our 100 Years of Brownies–The At Home Addition, the badges used to be a little more obvious about what they represented.

Brownie Badges - Narrative Threads

I’m a big fan of the Girls First Program. I love the flexibility of the badges, that we can create new programming every year based on the interest and goals of the girls in our units. Basically the only issue I have with it is that no one outside of Guiding can tell just what in the heck those badges mean! And let’s be honest, even within Guiding some of us still struggle to remember which is which since the program is still so new! Brownies and Sparks also seem to struggle to remember and understand what each badge is and what it represents.

There are many ways to help ourselves, the parents and the girls figure out what all these badges are, and this is just one more tool. I created this document to use during badge presentations. I print out the pages of the document that I need, cut out the strips and include them in whatever way I’m presenting badges that time around. Then I keep the remaining strips with my badges to use for the next time! This way, hopefully the girls can connect the work they have done at meetings to the badge they have earned, and parents can recognize all the important work their daughters are doing at Girl Guides!

NOTE: this document shows Brownie badges and information. Hopefully there will be a Guide and Spark level document to follow!

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