Apples: Trick Your Taste Buds!

Apple Season is upon us! Here’s another activity to add to the bazillion apple activities floating around in the inter webs.

What I love about this one, is it gives the kids a chance to do hands on science! They will use their powers of observation to understand how subjective so much of what we observe is! And if you rule out some of your senses, our perception changes. I wonder what else they might apply that knowledge to. Plus, it’s always good to get Sparks & Brownies exploring food together in a fun way, it encourages good eating habits.

Did you know that our senses can fool us? Our tongues can perceive at least five different tastes, our sense of smell is really what give us a sense of flavour
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Our Brownies, exploring their senses

Two Brownies hold sachets made up by the Sprites on Kitchen Duty to their noses to to see if they can fool their tastebuds!
The Sprites are on duty in the kitchen. They can’t believe Tawny Owl is going to give them raw potatoes!!!!!

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