Brownie First Meeting–IceBreaker Fun

Weekly Planning


Activity DescriptionWho is leading it?Program to be coveredMaterials NeededTime needed
GatheringBrownie Buckets10 min
Opening-Opening Song-Brownie PromiseRainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding5 min
Activity 1Animal Ice Breaker

Rainbow OwlSpirit  of Guiding-Animal Names on Strips of paper10 min
Activity 2Roll the Dice

Rainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding-Dice-Dice Rules10 min
Activity 3Human Bingo
Rainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding-Human Bingo Cards10 min
Activity 4Getting to know you braceletRainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding-Beads (enough for each person in each colour)-pipecleaners, 1 for each person10-15 min
Activity 5Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Rainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding-Jigsaw puzzles15 min
Activity 6My Brownie GoalsRainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding-Handout (folder)10-15 min
Closing-What’s up next week-Brownie Closing songRainbow OwlSpirit of Guiding-none1-2 min

Animal Ice Breaker

Write down the names of various animals that make a distinct noise on different slips of paper.  Give the slips out to your group and tell them that they have to find other people in that group that have the same animal without talking.  

Roll the Dice (In circle groups)

Human Bingo

Check out this post for how to play Human Bingo: Human Bingo

Getting to Know you Bracelet

Each girl will get a pipecleaner with beads on it. You will approach your new friend and say “Hello… my name is ___”. Once introduced, you should swap beads. Take your giveaway bead from the top of the pipecleaner, and put your new bead (from your new friend) on the bottom of the pipecleaner. Eventually you’ll have a rainbow mix of beads from all of your friends.

Check out more about making these friendship bracelets over at BrowniesMeet (see link above).

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Give a jigsaw puzzle piece to each person.  Ask them to walk around the room and find other people in the group with pieces of the jigsaw that go with theirs.  Eventually group members join up and match up their pieces to make the picture, and they become a team for the next activity or challenge. 

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