DIY Camp Sink you can make with Pathfinders and Rangers

We were camping this weekend with our Pathfinders and Rangers for the first time in YEARS, thanks to the covid pandemic. It felt like a nice little bookend for me, as Lockdown started in March 2020 the day I returned from a backcountry trip with the Pathfinders.


We had the typical LDU set up with a dedicated-hygiene cooler bottle set up and a towel hanging off the side. Thankfully the water spigot was right in the smack centre of camp, but of course we aren’t going to wash our hands there!

All the drive home I was thinking about creating fun Design Space project to address the problem with my PF&Rs now that we are going to be camping in the Great Outdoors again!

Came across this video and no doubt we are going to give this a try. Seems pretty straightforward. My only consideration is, will I have the youth help to saw the materials, or will I prep that part and bring it in to just do the engineering part of it. I’m leaning toward the latter since my ability with the saw is nowhere near that of someone who should be teaching others, or allowing children to witness the severing of one of my fingers.

At any rate…check out this video. I’ve already got three of those buckets sitting in my garage, left over Brownie Buckets! We got them form FireHouse Subs for $2.00 a piece and the money went to our local firehouse.

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