Star Stick Mobile

I love these for any age group, but for different reasons.

It’s a wonderful reason to go for a hike or nature walk in your local community for Sparks-Rangers.

The younger branches will be challenged to find sticks all roughly the same size and length, older youth can think about how to design it to look like the star they want, taking into consideration size, shape, proposed outcome. Older branches may decide to work together to make a much larger art instillation, in a similar fashion.

The younger branches will improve their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and patience as they work on their stars. Brownies and Guides can work towards independence with a glue gun with help from Guiders. Older branches can spend the time in free or facilitated discussion with their peers and Guiders while their hands are busy with this craft.

Maybe take your craft to a community spot or individual’s home where this craft would be welcomed in their trees, as a good deed.

Gather some twigs and sticks, grab a few balls of coulourful yarn and get crafting on this fun and easy-to-make mobile that’s also a great fine-motor workout for the kids.
Star Sticks

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