A December Scavenger Hunt

Tonight our Brownies will go on a Scavenger Hunt in a neighbourhood around town. They will split up into their Circle Groups and they have 20 minutes to find as many items as they can. Each Circle Group is accompanied by an Owl or Jr. Leader for supervision purposes only!

I like this activity in December, because while we are a secular organization and right now having holiday parties of any kind is frowned upon, December is still a great month for a neighbourhood scavenger hunt because there is so much beauty and wonder to see! All the decorations are exciting for kids to see, and especially if there is a game involved!

Here is a copy of our December Scavenger Hunt. I did take a quick drive around the area we would be hunting in, to pick items. However, I don’t think there’s anything so unusual that you couldn’t use it in your neighbourhoods too!

Have fun!

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