A Pathfinder/Ranger Meeting–An Adventure

Weekly Planning.        

2nd Holland Landing Pathfinders


Activity DescriptionWho is leading it?Program to be coveredMaterials NeededTime needed
OpeningGuider Fiona
Activity 1

Whistle for SafetyGuider TaraHow To/Camping Skills and AdventuresWhistlesWhistle Signal printouts15-30
Activity 2

Roving Hide and SeekGuider TaraMy Physical Self/Camping Skills and AdventuresA trail!30-45 min
Activity 3

Book SmugglersGuider TaraMy Physical Self/Spirit of Guiding/Camping Skills and AdventuresYarnWhistleQuotes/Poems/Clues20-30
ClosingGuider Fiona

Activity 1–Whistle for Safety

This one is right off the platform! Pathfinder and Rangers will learn how to send a signal with a whistle. If your Rangers know this already, have them teach the Pathfinders. This is an important safety skill for anyone going out into the wilderness!

What you need:

  • Whistles (1 per person, this makes a great enrollment gift!)
  • Whistle Signals Printout

This activity is best done outside (for obvious reasons).

Practise going through the signals, using the signal card.

Then, have a leader do some signals and let the youth try and figure out which one they are doing (they can still use the cards).

Then let the youth have a turn doing the signals and letting their peers guess.

Then, finally, practise! Have everyone spread out and have a leader blow the signals and everyone responds appropriately!

Its really great to do this before your unit gets into hiking, camps or outdoor wide games. It’s a great safety feature.

Grab the Whistle Signal Sheet here:

Check it out on the platform: Whistle for Safety

Activity 2–Roving Hide and Seek

Roving Hide and Seek is so much fun! Best to play in the autumn/winter/early spring before poison ivy etc. becomes an issue.

Basically this is Hide and Seek AND hiking!! Cool right? It is really fun and helps those who don’t enjoy hiking to get more into it.

The hiders (I always send two at time, Buddy System, you know) run ahead on the trail and finds a tree, rock, or object to hid behind or under. They must be within 15 feet of the trail!

The rest of the group keeps hiking while the hiders hide. Sometimes I stop and draw attention to something interesting(ish) to give the hiders a little more time.

When they find the hiders, rotate to different youth and start all over again!

This is such a fun hike!!

If you are looking for more Hiking Games, check out my post here: Hiking Games for Guiding Units and More Hiking Games

Activity 3–Book Smugglers

Materials Needed:

  • Books, one for each youth (bonus points if these are or were banned books!)
  • Whistle or car horn
  • Large play area

Before you start the game, explain to the youth how certain books have been banned throughout history because of their ideas were considered “dangerous” or didn’t align with the moral thinking of the time or place. All youth must have a book in their hand during the game.

A leader leads the youth down to the furthest point of your area from
“home base”.

When they hear the signal (a whistle or car horn), they must make their way from one end of the property back to the home base “The Library”.

Meanwhile, the leaders are hiding around the play area, and are known as the “Authoritarians” and have to catch the youth and their books. Youth are not allowed to hold onto the books once the Authoritarian has touched it.

Anyone who makes it back to The Library with their book saves the world.

This game should absolutely be played outside at night! Tons of fun.

If you are looking for more Night Games, check out my post here: Nighttime Wide Games for Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers

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