Dice Games for Brownies and Guides

I find having a number of games ready to go for Brownie and Guide level kids is a great way to keep things interesting. This is especially true for downtime at camp, when you don’t necessarily want to be entertaining them. You can print out the instructions and put it on a table with dice and girls can pick and set up their own games, or you can get them started and just see where it goes!

Protip: Travelling to camp with Brownies or Guides in your car or bus? Throw the dice into small Tupperware containers and they can easily play these dice games en route!

Dice games are great for travel and camping because they’re compact, washable, and can’t blow away. These games will fit in an Altoid tin and need only dice and a few other common things. Free printable game rules and tin labels for all the games. Rules are specifically written to be simpler and easier for children to play.
— Read on www.partythroughtheusa.com/2019/02/travel-dice-games-for-kids.html

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