2 Easy Virtual Brownie(ish) Games

This week we are enjoying our March Break in April, in lockdown. What can you do?? Normally we do not meet during March Break, but since everyone is stuck at home, the Brownies asked to have a meeting anyway. So we had a games night.

Somehow Skribbl.io and Kahoots! were just a total flop tonight. I do find them to be a bit frustrating for some in the Brownie age group. Whether it’s technical issues or whatever, sometimes it just doesn’t work out for everybody, and we don’t like to leave people out.

So, we had to quickly switch gears to something everyone could do. Rainbow Owl on the fly!!!

Here are the games that were HUGE hits at tonight’s Game Night.

Clued Up

Brownies love to be detectives. This game is fast-paced and really puts their guessing skills to the test. I hold something in my hands, which they cannot see. I describe what I am holding without saying its name (you can restrict this to five words, or something like that if you want it to be more difficult).

So, for example, if you’re holding a phone, you might say it’s rectangular, makes noise sometimes, there are pictures in it…etc., etc. The Brownies just shout out their answers and it’s a bit of a ruckus, but that’s okay, its fun, right? I do this with about 3-4 items until they understand the game, and by then all their hands are raised to take a turn and they pop off and grab something and do the same thing I did until someone guesses it and on and on.

You could play this game where everyone has to take turns and pick the next player etc. We just wanted it super unstructured without any winners or losers

Can You Find What I Have?

In this game, I hold up an object (like a roll of paper towels). I say, “Go find something that you have that is as close to this item as possible!”. Off they run and grab whatever they can. I assign points like I’m on Who’s Line is This Anyway….300 points for accuracy, 400 points for creativity, 200 points for the funniest find, etc. No one is really keeping track, they just like to hear that they’ve earned some points. I got some great Brownie finds for the paper towel roll: Toilet paper, paper, kleenex, someone every grabbed their Brownie scarf!

I only had what was around my desk, but when we play it again, I’m definitely going to get some more interesting items like: a canoe paddle, a trombone, stamps, etc.

I hope you and your unit have as much fun with these games as we did! It’s a bit of a relief because my original programming was just bombing and sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!

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  1. Thank you, for sharing all these marvelous ideas for virtual guiding. Especially for Sparks because I’m a Sparks leader and looking for wonderful ideas and thank you again.

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