Rainbow Rain Stick

Today is St Patrick’s Day and I thought it would be fun to make these Rainbow Rain Sticks! We are still in virtual here, so I’ve asked my families to collect these every day items to make these rain sticks (you could also easily do craft bags for porch pick up and drop offs).

These are a great spring craft, as we start to think toward the rainy season! I plan to couple this with a little science discussion on rain and spring weather.

Another great idea for these Rainbow Rain Sticks, is a noise maker for Pride celebrations and parades! One year I will do at our Love is Love meeting, and we will talk about LGBTQ+ issues towards our Different Together or Exploring Identities badges.

Have fun!

This Rainbow Rain Stick St. Patrick’s Day Craft is a fun class project for you and your students this March! Perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day class party!
— Read on thekindergartenconnection.com/rainbow-rain-stick-st-patricks-day-craft/

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