Upcycled Marker Caddy

Why is it always so hard to find a pen, pencil or marker when you need one? Even when I’ve just purchased a 24 pack of them? Oh, because I have kids. That’s why! Which is why I love this inexpensive and easy way to store art and office supplies using toilet paper rolls and a shoe box. That’s it! So, start stock piling those rolls, and get crafty with this simple project!

Super easy for virtual meetings too, as everyone likely has these materials at home.

10 Minute Marker Caddy – Aunt Peaches
— Read on www.auntpeaches.com/2012/10/well-gosh-dont-i-feel-handy.html

Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers may want to take on a more sophisticated project…

Check out instructions here: Tin Can Caddy Tutorial

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