Lava Lamps -Summer Fun- – .

This simple craft project has a big impact! Lava lamps are so cool and fascinating for kids.

With just 4 ingredients (water, oil, food coloring, and Alka-Seltzer) you can easily make create a porch pick up/porch drop off kit for your unit.

Just make sure pre ya are aware that this project can get a little messy, doing it in the kitchen or even in the (empty) bathtub is not a bad idea! Otherwise, put down a towel, tarp, old tablecloth and have some clean up towels on hand!

Check it out below…

I found a fun, cheap, and easy project in Family Fun magazine about making Lava Lamps with things you already have in your house. You will need 3 empty water bottles ( I don’t normally buy this kind of water,…
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