How to make a bee Valentine out of hearts

These are so cute! I talk about bees more than I used to in my Brownie meetings. It’s a very friendly way to introduce gardening from an ecological perspective! I’ve also found the girls are very concerned with the potential loss of bees. Doing Bee-Positive activities can give them a sense of power over climate change. Doing these little bees at Valentine’s can be a heads-up for some Bee & Gardening activities in the spring, or you could make the bees during your spring programming.

I also love that this bee is made of hearts. The fine motor skills involved in learning to make paper hearts is a great thing!

Bees can’t get enough attention these days. They are so important. So why not use them as a Valentine theme and make cute cards super-easy by stacking hearts. Buzz on over to the blog Easy Peasy and Fun for the … Read More…

How to make a bee Valentine out of hearts — Craft Gossip

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