Can You Save the World? An educational computer game.

Can You Save the World?

I came across this cool game while researching how to help kids understanding Social Distancing. It’s a really simple game, in a format most kids will be used to. It is designed to help them understand why and how they need to socially distance. Personally, I think the way the game is set up helps keep this serious issue fun and lighthearted, but my favourite part is that it frames kids who follow Social Distancing rules as heroes!

It’s long been my experience that in times of trouble, kids need to be taken care of, but they also like to feel like a part of the solution. Don’t we all feel better when we are doing something to help solve a problem? Introduce this game at an online meeting. Kids actually love watching people play video games, so towards the end of your meeting you could throw it up on screen share and take a run at it for about 3-5 minutes, making sure to let the kids enter into free discussion about it.

Then, encourage them to play the game during the week, and then round it off by talking about it at the start of next week’s meeting. See what kind of conversations about the pandemic, how to help, and how to stay safe this activity will encourage!

When we are finally able to meet again in person, set up a “IRL Game of Can you Save the World.” The kids will have a deeper and more effective understanding of what Social Distancing is, and why we need to do it.

Check it out here: Can You Save the World?

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