A Camp for the Socially Isolated

I’m working on putting together two spring camps (yeah, you heard that right!!).

Brownies are going to have a Camp at home night (Jazzy name to follow). They can camp in their years, in their basements, living rooms, or even set up a tent on their beds!

There’ll be crafts, camp food, a singalong and campfires! We’re going to do it all on our FB group, photos, texts, videos, FB Lives! And I’m the morning we’ll wake up and log on to eat breakfast together online and the. Have a closing ceremony.

(I’m considering making a photo album of all the pictures as a gift for when they fly up)

Pathfinders are having an old fashioned sleepover! We’ll use our google hangouts to connect. Then do a Netflix Watch Party and eat snacks. Maybe we can do a little spa night self care bit, with DIY sugar scrubs and facemasks!

Then the leaders will log off but the girls will stay up Giggling on hangouts for several more hours. We’ll rise and shine at 7 am to have breakfast together online and then depart!

Normally, I would do all this first and write more about the results, what worked and what didn’t…but these are not normal times!

So I’ll make this a series and post as I go. Maybe you are brave enough to plan along with me!

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