Include your Girls in your own Service Projects to Combat the COVID19 Pandemic.

If you are working on your own service projects at home to help with the effort to combat the pandemic, don’t forget to include your girls!

They may be young, or otherwise not able to sew a mask or 3D print a ventilator part, but they can do something. And we all feel better when we are doing something to help! Just make sure to filter the ask through the parents, because we don’t know how much they have explained to their own children.

I’ve included a recent letter to my own Brownie Unit asking them for help with a service project as an example.

Guiders! Let me know what you are working on to help with the effort! Also, if you can sew and have time to make masks for vet clinics, tattoo parlours, etc., let me know if I can add you to my list! We are getting busy!!


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