Calling All People Who Sew You Can Help Make Masks For 2020 Healthcare Worker PPE Shortage

Attention all Trefoils, Guiders and Rangers who can sew!! There is currently a call out for sewn cotton facemasks. Please follow the link below for instructions and details.

This is a great link to the facemask pattern: FU FACEMASK WITH PATTERN AND VIDEO TUTORIAL

There is also info on which materials are actually the best (hint: it’s 100% cotton): Best materials for face masks

You could also call your local hospital or health unit to see if they are currently looking for sewn PPE and how you can help!

Let’s get busy, Girl Guides! We can help!!!

Direct link to pattern PDF

Calling All People Who Sew And Make: You Can Help Make Masks For 2020 Healthcare Worker PPE Shortage
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Note: there has been some concern about these masks in terms of need and efficacy. Here is some information:

  • There is a concern about Canada running out of disposable fit-tested N95 respirators during this unprecedented pandemic. This has already happened in countries like Italy and China.
  • These sewn masks will NOT provide the same kind of protection and will hopefully never be used by front-line workers who are managing COVID19 patients.
  • These masks are ideally used by healthcare workers who would otherwise use masks, but are not dealing with infectious patients, thus freeing up the N95s and other masks for the frontline workers.
  • This is not a perfect solution, it is only solution for desperate times, which I am afraid we are facing here. It’s one of those things that is “better than nothing” and the WHO and CDC agree.
  • Masks are not recommended for the general public at this time, and may even contribute to an increased chance of catching the coronavirus.
  • There will be many opportunities over the coming weeks and months to contribute to the efforts of making Canada a safe and healthy place again to live. This is just one idea.
  • Lastly, I am a retired emerg nurse. Would I want to use one of these?–NO. Would I use it if I had nothing else?–yes.

Take care, everybody!

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