The Camp Mess Kit

A good messkit contains everything you might need for a meal at camp. This usually includes unbreakable:

A plate

A cup

A mug

A knife

A fork

A spoon

A reusable straw

Two clothespins (optional)

These items are usually placed in a tea town sewn up into a cinch-bag or mesh laundry bag. Anything that can be hung up on a clothesline with the items inside to dry after the camper has washed her dishes.

Mesh kids can be fancy and personalized, or they can be inexpensive dollar store kits. Just remember to securely attach your camper’s name somewhere on the kit, I use a name keychain.

I’ve linked here to a wonderful post which provides specific instructions on how to make a simple dollar store mess kit.

fresh juniper: Mess Kit Tutorial – Dollar Store DIY
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