Long Johns, The Song

Long Johns Campfire Song

This is an old song that has gone through many incarnations. The first time I ever heard this song I was 10 years old and doing summerstock theatre with my dad in West Virginia. One of the historical dramas put on there is Hatfields and McCoys and one of the actors who played a civil war veteran would half-hum, half-sing this song as he was dusting the house. It always stuck with me because it was such a comical little afternote to the play.

You can find Girl Guide lyrics here: Dragon’s Campfire Songbook.  This site is actually a great resource for Guiding songs, so bookmark it!!

However I prefer the more nonsensical traditional lyrics as amazingly sung by this guy at some camp, somewhere. It’s one of those songs you really have to gut your voice with, like you’re telling a bawdy joke or something. The kids can really get into it, laughing so hard they can hardly sing…even though they lyrics themselves aren’t all that silly. Just watch the video, you’ll see what I mean!

If you have any video of you trying this song, or any fun and silly campsongs, I’d LOVE to see them!!! Maybe I’ll get brave enough to video myself doing some campfire songs myself!

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