Drawing Sticks

How to Randomly Choose Girls on the Fly

Ever need to pick a girl for a task, or get them quickly into groups? As we don’t have patrols in our Sparks group, this seems to happen often enough. I had thought first to put their names on paper in a hat or something. Then I realized that wouldn’t be durable enough for continued use throughout the Guiding Year.

So I came up with the idea to make drawing sticks! They are super-duper simple and you can whip them up in less than five minutes and use them for your entire year!

Drawing Sticks

Please ignore all the mod podge on my hands

I made mine using the DYMO LetraTag, but you could just as easily write their names on with Sharpie. The important part is to put the names down at the bottom so all the tops look the same. That way you don’t know whose name you are drawing. You can either put them in a cup, or hold them down at the bottom in your hand.

Easy Peasy.

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