Upcycled Brownie Journal

Virtual Brownies

Today I showed my brownies how to make a really simple journal out of a cereal box and scrap paper.

I also encouraged them to use the journal to record their thoughts and feelings during this time of social isolation through words and pictures, and that I would be doing the same!

Any Brownies who post a picture of their completed journal will get badge credit and if they want to show me their completed journals at the end of these times, they will get more badge credit. I made sure to tell them that they did not have to share what was in the journal if it was private, but they could show me the details if they wanted to.

I figure this will be a good way to re-connect when we are able to have meetings again.

Anywho….here is the video!

Feel free to make your own, or use this one directly.

Here is a video of my daughter making her journal! Please don’t post this one around the internet, it’s just to see how the kids can do it with a little help.

☘️ Happy St Patrick’s Day! ☘️

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